Anat Efron

Ecosystem Manager @ Thinxtra

Anat Efron has been active in developing M2M, wireless and IoT for over 16 years, with experience spanning Israel, Europe and Australia / New Zealand. With the background of an Electronics Engineer specialised in communications, and many years of business activity under her belt, she joined Thinxtra on their mission to revolutionize IoT connectivity in ANZ by rolling out the globally leading LPWAN technology, Sigfox.
As Ecosystem Manager at Thinxtra, her role is to help great business eventuate through creating strong partnerships and facilitating the integration of Sigfox technology across the entire ecosystem.

She helps design houses, device makers and integrators, both in ANZ and abroad, adapt their solutions to be Sigfox enabled, which allows them to tap into the mass market of low cost IoT connectivity and scale. These devices, and the platforms and cloud infrastructure that support them, enable companies to reap the benefits of IoT disruption, and business transformation, across a wide range of industries and verticals – logistics, facilities management, infrastructure, Utilities, asset management, agriculture, mining, oil and gas and many more.