David Haley

CTO and Co-founder @ Myriota

Dr David Haley is responsible for Myriota’s technology strategy and product development and is a principal inventor of Myriota’s intellectual property. Prior to co-founding Myriota, he was Technical Director of the Global Sensor Network program at the Institute for Telecommunications Research and led successful customer trials of Myriota’s technologies in Australia and Canada. In previous roles, Dr Haley made significant contributions to the FedSat microsatellite mission. As lead research engineer at Cohda Wireless Dr Haley was a principal inventor of the technology that enables Cohda’s world leading wireless equipment for vehicle-to-vehicle safety. He has contributed to international wireless standards for maritime and intelligent transport systems. Dr Haley has also run an engineering consulting business, serving customers across a range of industry segments, including transport and logistics, defence, and health.