Dr. Leila Alem

Co-Founder @ ArcSense

Dr Leila Alem has 25+ years of experience in helping businesses transform for the Digital Future. Her expertise includes designing awards winning digital products and new customer experiences leveraging the convergence of emerging technologies such as AI, Wearables, AR/ VR and MR and using Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agile methodologies. Her clients include Boeing, Rio Tinto, Thomson, 3M as well as Government Departments at both state and federal level. She won the 2013 NSW State innovation Award in R&D for her work with Boeing and was finalist of Infotech outstanding Career Achievements Award in 2015.

She is the co-founder of ArcSense, a wearable tech start-up in health and wellbeing.  She is an Adjunct professor in Human Computer Interaction at UTS and holds a PhD in AI. She was Principal consultant at Thoughtworks (a global consulting firm) for 2 years and Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO for 23 years.

She is a sought after keynote at international conferences on emerging technologies and innovation. Leila has 100+ publications and is the editor of books & international journals in the next frontiers of Human Computer Interaction.