Jono Gregory

Director - Smart Food & Fibre IoT Lead @ KPMG

Jono Gregory is KPMGs Smart Food & Fibre IoT Leader with a vision to empower individuals to sustainably, ethically and profitably satisfy the needs of investors, customers, producers and citizens. Jono is focused on realising the potential for IoT to enable Augmented Judgement across the production continuum.

Jono is an experienced corporate and government executive with multi-billion dollar leadership and operational responsibility. He has over 20 year’s experience delivering transformation from strategic development to operational outcomes in complex organisations, partnerships and supply chains.

Jono has led organizations in Internet of Things, primary industries (agriculture, fisheries, natural resources), government, biosecurity, water, health, construction and technology sectors. He has executive global, national, regional and remote leadership and operational delivery experience.

Core competencies include being a recognised  IoT thought leader, a capable corporate transformer, inspirational leader/mentor/communicator, strategist/innovator, negotiation and operations enabler.

Relevant Experience includes

Primary Industries IoT Innovation Centre: Led the NSW Government establishment with international partners from telecommunications, agriculture, university and the government research sector of an IoT innovation centre focused on Agriculture, Smart Cities, Transport and Mining. It is globally connected, funded for 5 years and implementing large scale research, commercialisation and industry solutions. The initiative includes:

  • The development of s Smart Farm vision.
  • A prioritised list of projects to support the Smart Farm vision that will inform the budget planning process.
  • A high-level implementation plan for the projects (sequence of projects, dependencies between projects).
  • The governance arrangements, delivery entities and stakeholders to support the delivery of the projects