Justin Anderson

Director - IoT @ KPMG / HYPERCAT

Justin Anderson is a Director in KPMGs Internet of Things practice, with a focus on Smart Cities including infrastructure, utilities and transport and Smart Agriculture (Food & Fibre).

Justin has over 25 years experience leading teams working across the innovation life-cycle from R&D to customer advocacy He is a recognized global leader in the Internet of Things with broad experience across multiple industries. He has led multiple IOT consortia projects using highly collaborative models leading to numerous innovation breakthroughs and new market opportunities. Justin founded Hypercat, with $35m funding from government and industry to drive secure and interoperable IoT. He chaired the IoT Council of the UK’s leading technology trade association techUK.

IOT Innovation: Justin was Executive Chairman of Flexeye a technology company that won Gartner’s first esteemed ‘Cool Vendor’ award for the Internet of Things. Flexeye led numerous collaborative IoT programmes demonstrating value across multiple use cases and industry sectors including: Water, energy, lighting, buildings, transport, highways, parking, logistics, security.

IOT Consortium Development: Founder and Director of Hypercat, a NFP alliance focused on secure interoperability of the Internet of Things, supported by Rt Hon David Cameron’s government in the UK . Hypercat has over 1,000 members across 47 countries.

IOT Smart Strategy Plan: Developed the Smart Strategy Plan for Europe’s largest regeneration project, Old Oak & Park Royal, London to review how emerging technologies can shape the development in relation to transport, public realm, utilities and climate change. (https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/smart_strategy_interim_report_opdc_hypercat_final_jan_2016_new_cover.pdf)

IOT Standards Development: Justin has established an internationally applicable IOT standard with the BSI in collaboration with W3C, mandated in £50m of Smart programs in the UK.

Information Security : Justin has worked with GCHQ and architected information security management systems (ISMS) providing oversight of a broad range of assets from banking systems to oil rigs.